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2 février 2015 1 02 /02 /février /2015 11:07

Update 21st of February

A week has passed since the end of the expedition and their log has just been updated :

F8AFC has worked K1N on 8 out of 25 band slots


  6m 10m 12m 15m 17m 20m 30m 40m 60m 80m 160m


YES, the 30m CW QSO is well in the log, this was not a pirate.

8 QSO's on 8 bands and 2 modes, an almost perfect log. I keep the 160m for my retirement, HI !



15th of Feb

This is the very last morning where K1N is active, and I will not add another band.

Actually, the 30cw last week was a pirate one, and I couldn't get through the pile on 160m. So those are my 2-missing bands.

But all in all, 7 bands are logged and I must keep something to do when I'll get retired in 30 years from now, HI ! This is actually the 260th DXCC I work on 7-bands !

I can not complain, that was a hard-to-get but good expedition after all. I had some luck since the pile-ups were huge till the last day, meaning the demand is still here. But I reached my goal and I thank te operators for giving us such a chance !

Well done guys



10th of February, evening

That's it, I could work K1N on 17ssb for my 8th band. For once, they were specifically Europe Only at this time of the day, which is the best window for me in Western Europe.

Nevertheless, that was a HUGE fight, 2 hours, to finally make the QSO when he dropped down to my noise level (S2 this evening). But that was worth it !!!!!!!!!

The only negative point is that the 30m QSO this morning is not present in the latest log upload. It looks like I'm not the only one, let's wait and see the next upload. It would be a pure relief not to chase them on 30m again...Final countdown has started (they plan to end next Sunday their time)...

Time for 160m now, but hey, let's be realistic, this would be only pure "bonus" and pure luck. And my initial goal is clearly reached !!!!!


Ronan, F8AFC


10th of February

Well, I didn't make one band per day, but I added 30m CW this morning with a bit of luck.

I was actually in the 160m pile-up when I decided to give up. I then monitored 30cw and heard him very loud on 10113, taking a guy right +5.

Pile-up was not so big, so I took my chance and after 4 repetitions, Iw as correctly logged by the operator.

Back to the house, I saw on the culster that he was at the last time spotted on 10114, meaning when I arrived, he had just QSY'd there. 5 mina fter our QSO, he was specificalyl calling "JA only", yes, I was lucky !

7th band, just missing 17m now (160 would be a bonus but...)


Ronan, F8AFC


8th of February

One day one band ?

Maybe, this will be sure in the next log upload since I have 99% of chances to have QSO K1N on 80cw this morning (tnx DQRM for preventing me to get the answer for sure).

I also tried on 30m but there was a huge zoo....I do still hear him now (10:48z !!!!!), but he's working JA at their sunset, logical.

We will see this afternoon for the last high band (17m still missing),


Ronan, F8AFC

17:20z log updated, 80cw well in the log cool (less cool = 2nd WE afternoon on 17rtty :-( )


7th of February

I missed 80cw this morning simply because my power supply went...DEAD !!!!!!! After 10 years of great work, it simply doesn't power up anymore, during K1N !!!!!!!

I'm luck enough to have some friends ready to help : F5CQ Rafik very kindly gave me a spare power supply this morning, which I immediately plugged. Everything's fine now, I could jump into the 12cw pile and made them after 20min of hard fight, worked +24KHz up !!!!!!!

5th band and 1st WARC band, I need 17m now, as well as 80 and 30m.

But thanks to Rafik, I now have the possibility to chase again till the end, thisis ham spirit !



6th of February,

Well, I went back from the office earier than usually, and I did well : K1N in the log on 15m SSB. He had a comfortable signal (S5 in the peaks), and I quickly listened to the split (21340-21380). But I realized that it would be hard to hear where he was actually taking. So I camped on 21345 and called about 5min before hearing "AFC AFC again"....20sec later, I was in the log and 30min later, log upload showed this 15ssb slot.

4th band, cool !!!!!!!!

Need them on WARC bands, and still on 80m (he was dawn weak this morning even at SR !). This week-end should be more relaxed than what I anticipated, hopefully it will bring me additional bands !


Ronan, F8AFC


5th of February, evening

Well, I got luck another time on 10m SSB : S7 in the peaks at around 17:45z, I took my chance in the wide split without really hearing stations calling him (problem of 10m skip)...Mostly NA -it become usual -,  but also some Western Europe including some French stations.

With only 2el and 400w there, I also thought it will be hard, but I had about 15min to spend before the rush-hour with kids and dinner and etc....so why not trying?

I was listening to the split when I heard exactly where he took a call : "F8AFC F8AFC"....nothing heard. 2 or 3 times then I heard "F8, heu, F8AFC, you are 59"....Yep, that was me : 'You're also 59, thanks a lot"...and that was it. +43KHz, this is wide (and I was not at the real end of the pile...."

Normally, at this time of the day, all the usual South Europe would monopolize the few European calls succeeding to go over the US wall and to get in the log. This day, that was me !!!

3 bands and 2 modes, this is what I was secretly hoping for. Everything now is a bonus. But the fact that I already have 3 bands will reduce the number of piles to jump into...

Tomorrow morning, I'll try on 80 and 30m if possible (in this chronological order). FYI, I heard them quite well on 80m this morning until I had to leave for the office (08:00).

Keep your fingers crossed !

Ronan, F8AFC




5th of February,

2nd band has been added yesterday evening with 20m (still in CW); I've also been trying on 12cw at my sunset, and on 15ssb and 17cw post-sunset, but that was NA time.

Encouraging for sure, but what a "fight" for each single QSO....

Let's hope for additional bands and 1 SSB QSO, of course; But at least, the main goal is already reached with KP1 in the log. All the rest will be pure bonus !

GL to all, not easy.....



Hi all,

After this epic EP6T during which each QSO was a real fight (1st QSO = 5 days after the beginning !), there comes K1N, a Top-Super Most wanted since the last expedition took place 22 years ago !!!!!!!

As a little pistol, when I heard their split on 80 and 40 cw this monring, I thought to myself that it would be mission impossible. My small vertical and my old AL811H can hardly compete with all the EU + NA big guns wanting to QSO with K1N on this very first day, on with a 20-25KHz CW splits !!!!!

I started with 80cw as there was a bit less people than on 40m (20KHz CW split !!!!!!)....Not much time to try, the guy went QRT 10 min after I joined the party. But his signal was good, let's be optimistic !

I then QSY'd to 40m CW where the signal was even better than 80m, but where the split was reaching almost 30KHz !!!!!! I tried 5min to listen to here he was taking, no clue !!!! I was on +17KHz calling for a few times but he didn't go back to me.

I then decided as my last chance to turn the VFO on upper frequencies, and it stopped on +22.5KHz. I called once, and heard "F8AFC 5nn". Simply amazing, I had one chance over 10000000 to be heard, and the guy went right after I called. I passed "5nn TU" and that was it, Navassa was logged on the 1st day on 40m CW.

All Time New one (#326.....) and #288 on 40m !

Let's see on the other bands now, but already the most important is done !!!!!

GL to all,

Ronan, F8AFC


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