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27 janvier 2015 2 27 /01 /janvier /2015 07:37

Hi all,

More and more DXpeditions tend not to use leaderboard anymore, hoping for a somehow smaller "green slot" race, so for a pile-up decrease. Undirectly, this enables more people to get in the log since those exotic slots generally have a very slow QSO rate.

Activating them is just a loss of time, energy, time during which other guys could have worked them for a real ATNO, or new band, or new mode, on a more classical "band-mode". You have understood, I'm not for this leaderboard statistics, this is totally useless and counter-productive to the success of an expedition.

Nevertheless, other expeditions still use this leaderboard function (they do what they want, by definition). Fine, but when this happens, we OFTEN observe some bad "behavior" from either DX'er or DX operator himself trying to fullfill his friend's hunger to finish at the Top position of this leaderboard.

Yes, I am against "arranged" or "pre-paid" QSO


2 concrete examples come to my mind

Who made the only 80m RTTY QSO during EP6T, enabling him to finish at the 1st rank ? ON7GB

Who made the only 160m SSB QSO during FT5ZM, enabling him to finish at the 1st rank ? UT7QF


This has to stop !

Those 2 guys, for example, didn't need AT ALL this exotic "slot" for any award or diploma. This QSO was made only to show "I'm the best", "I have the biggest one", "I finished 1st !!!!".

Totally immature behavior of kids, totally egocentric way of thinking, which is in contradiction with what we call "Ham community"...What are they expecting? Others recognition? This is the opposite actually !!!!!!

Those green slot chasers are not the only culprits. To make a QSO, we need 2 guys. So the responsability is also coming from the expedition operators themselves who took part in this arranged/sked/pre-paid QSO. This clearly contriibutes to the noawadays zoo on each pile-up, each time an "exotic" call-sign appears on the air.

Both EP6T and FT5ZM were not bad expeditions. That was fun to chase them, most of the operators were OK, even if that was very hard to get them into the log.

But this kind of results clearly make me think that I'll not keep in mind only a positive image of what they did.

Ronan, F8AFC




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