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24 janvier 2015 6 24 /01 /janvier /2015 11:58

25th January 19:00z

Log updated :

F8AFC has worked EP6T on 7 out of 24 band slots


  10m 12m 15m 17m 20m 30m 40m 80m 160m


Cool, 40cw has well be logged, that was a HARRRRRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDd one believe me, almost 1 week of everyday crazy pile-up, HI ! (n°286 on 40m)

I still miss 30 and 80m, and those are the 2 last evenings....Mission impossible ? I heard the 40 SSB op earlier saying that he had S9+10dB QRM, bad sign for 80m....

It was actually easier to work VK9DLX, K9W etc....than EP6Y, which is at only 5000km from here.... 



25th of January 12:00

Well, we wil see in the next log upload, but I'm very confident to have mde it on 40m CW after hours of pile-uping....The guy returned first F8AFC, then F8APC, then in the 3rd round a big QRM disabled me from getting it right. This was my chance in this Saturday Night Fever zoo....

Later on, I tried on 30m, where his signal was weaker (S3-S4) but where the guy didn't stay long enough (due to power outage I think)

On 80m, I never heard him as strong as the days before but the zoo was here again..... The operators also fulfilled smoe slot hunter requirements with 80m SSB....no way to hear anything, I've rarely heard some many KW's in such a small split, that was simply awful !!!!!!!! 

Cross your fingers for this 40m, this could be by lonely low band worked on this EP6T expedition,



24th of January

Hi guys,

1 week chasing them on the wanted bands (10/12/30/40/80/160.....lots of work), and only 12/10m were added in the log.

High bands are somehow "easy", propagation and operator depending.

But on the Low bands, this is amazingly difficult, despite of their big signal !!!!!!!!! Several hours on 80/40/30 and still no QSO there.

There are still 2 evenings to get them there, but this will be hard I guess.

GL to all


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